Tabea Debus - Cantata per Flauto

Cantata per Flauto

„The first track (…) makes it absolutely clear why you will love this CD. Tabea Debus’s spirited, virtuosic and musically compelling playing is immediately obvious, as is her evident sense of humour… An outstanding recording by a talented young musician.“
(Andrew Benson-Wilson, Early Music Review)

„Debus glänzt durch außerordentliche Musikalität und Virtuosität, die sich auch im geschmackvollen und dem Affekt jedes Werkes angepassten besonderen Ton äußert. (…) Auf der Basis ihrer Kenntnis des menschlichen Gesangs präsentiert das Ensemble mit Intelligenz und Musikalität Instrumentalmusik, die als solche dennoch „spricht“ und durch Kantabilität geadelt wird.“ (Claudia Maria Korsmeier, Tonkunst)

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Upon A Ground

Musicians have long been fascinated by ostinato bass models or „grounds“ that are repeated with obstinate persistence. Grounds are also right up to date, a point illustrated by more than merely the current techno scene. The first works to illustrate this principle may be found among the earliest examples of medieval western polyphony…
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Telemann Bild

Telemann at his Best: The Group Concertos Vol 2

As on Vol. 1, so too on Vol. 2 of Telemann’s concertos for mixed solo ensembles: it is to be assumed that the composer wrote them either as festive opening pieces for vocal works or as showpieces for particular instrumental virtuosos or ensembles. Once again the concertos exhibit high compositional quality and Telemann’s frequently cited »mixed style« in their wealth of motivic shapes and widely spanned harmonic developments. Here the interpreters are once again our expert Telemann project advocates: Michael Schneider with the soloists and musicians of La Stagione! »Performed with great variety and magic. A new Telemann series promising magnificent musical highlights and truly giving us pleasure« (klassik. com 12 / 2014 of Vol. 1).
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Telemann Group Concertos

Telemann at his Best: The Group Concertos Vol 1

Following its dazzling, standard-setting complete recording of Telemann’s wind concertos on eight CDs, La Stagione is now releasing a new CD marking the beginning of a new series (on four CDs) dedicated to the same composer’s concertos for mixed ensembles and thus taking us to the very heart of his oeuvre. There could be no better and more knowledgeable advocates for this project than Michael Schneider with the soloists and musicians of La Stagione!
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Arise, my muse

Arise, my muse

Famed for the crystalline beauty of his voice and the breath-taking daring of his artistry, British countertenor Iestyn Davies returned to Wigmore Hall with a programme reaching back to the Restoration Court to reveal the wealth of musical riches of the late 17th-century London.
Iestyn Davies (countertenor) – Richard Egarr (harpsichord) – Pamela Thorby, Tabea Debus (recorder) -Bojan Čičić, Stephen Pedder (violin) – Julia Kuhn (viola, violin) – Mark Levy (viola da gamba) – William Carter (theorbo, baroque guitar)
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Live Music Now

„Young musicians present masterpieces from three centuries in the Bagno Konzertgalerie.“

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The Young Westfalian Baroque Ensemble performs well-known and unknown treasures from the baroque era. Conducted by Prof. Ulrich Rademacher and Gudula Rosa this production stars Tabea Debus, Katharina Freitag, Yoshiko Klein, Florentine Lenz and Tamara Melkumjan-Bergjan as soloists.

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